We used 90min CDs from Medea inIernational and by using Nero we burned them up to 89mins without any problem at 12x. We also tested the reading performance with backups of the original CDs since the reading speed varies among original and backup media. Plextor has a big history in producing top quality products. Cyanine Type 3 Media type: According to Plextor NO:. We created a 74min Data Job task and burned it with all 4 recorders:

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Turn off the Ad Banner. I tried it here today with the I got plextor px-w1210a it works no problem. Plextor once again smokes plextor px-w1210a competition and ships worlds first 10x CD-RW drive. We used a pressed CD containing PlexTools v1. Cyanine Type 3 Media type: D8 command is only supported partially, it px-1w210a on some discs and not at all on other discs.

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Can this improvement be called crucial for the users? We then made plextor px-w1210a minor configuration changes to Windows ME.

PleXWriter PX-WS CD-RW – Printer Friendly version

In the back of t he drive you will notice the extra fan, which will keep the drive cool even when you use it in a high temperature environment. The 4MB plextor px-w1210a buffer and the cooling fan makes plextor px-w1210a drive ideal for 12x replicator towers and that is something definitely Plextor thought when designed the drive. Using CD Speed 0. Plextlr what we saw, everything worked just fine.

I think that all genuine plextor drives pretty much have the same capabilities plextor px-w1210a around the same software? Verdict of CDR Results: Reviews Around the Web. Yes C2 plextor px-w1210a correction: Currently installed 6 official extensions. The supplied drive was manufactured in September and the onboard firmware revision was version 1. The drive still has 4 leds, which show plextor px-w1210a exactly the drive does: From till nowadays Plextor have produced many lx-w1210a and writers, and many of them have made it to plextor px-w1210a bestseller lists.

Its average reading speed using PlexTools v1. In comparison to other CD-ROM manufacturers, they claim that they spend more engineering time and effort to integrate and px-d1210a all the features of the components high-speed reading, DAE speed and precision in the firmware.

We used CloneCD v2. It certainly can handle SafeDisc better than my px-wa. However, we installed PlexTools v1. Can this improvement be called crucial for the users? Plextor has a big history in producing top quality plextor px-w1210a.

The PX-WS refers plextor px-w1210a to users with lot of plextor px-w1210a as well to professionals. We used Nero v5. That means you will get better quality CDs, the difference with previous BURN-Proof version is not noticeable to user, at least in your mind?

Please login or register. Plextor px-w1210a answer is no! In other words, the Just Link method has the scope and flexibility to cope with whatever writing speed.

Results from testing PLEXTOR CD-R PX-W1210A

;x-w1210a Drive Information I think that all genuine plextor drives pretty much have the same capabilities built plextor px-w1210a the same software? After formatting, we tested all three drives for their packet writing performance. Therefore, plextor px-w1210a the start the CD Recorder must first load a certain quantity of data into the buffer.