Start with the standard features of copying and network printing, and if needed add fax and scanning. It is a feature whereby scanned documents are transmitted to Internet Fax or to computers as Email. When E-mail Transmission Fails If the Email fails to reach its destination, an error mail is returned from the mail server, and is printed on the machine. Two binding edge selections are available: Special originals like thin paper, etc. The password must be shared with the other compatible Panasonic machine s.

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It is printed automatically after every transactions, or you can print or view it manually by using the following procedure. Entering a Destination Stations can be entered by using the following methods, or a combination of these: ;anasonic 15 Enter the panasonic dp c213 number using the keypad, or select a destination.

Panasonic DP-C copier – Panasonic DPC Color copier DP-C

Advanced Color Quality Settings If the receiving station is capable of receiving a Ledger-sized document, you panasonic dp c213 send the document without reducing its size. Precision Roller is in no way affiliated, sponsored or endorsed by these copyright owners or their affiliates or dealers This website uses a secure server to encrypt all sensitive information.

Ldap Server Name user Parameter 15 The DP-C can hold paper sizes ranging from 5. To enter panasonic dp c213 subject, follow the steps below: The panasoni dialing is programmed. When you want to send the documents right away. If the password in your machine does not match the receiving password in the other compatible Panasonic machine sthe reception will fail.

Panasonic All in One Printer DP-C User Guide |

Result Of Relayed Transmission Manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Page Item Duration File No. Reading Individual Xmt Journal Routing You can forward fax documents, or Email to an Panasonic dp c213 Fax, or networked computers. To set From field, follow the steps below: Original Type Select for text-only originals.

Page – Example of a Relayed Transmission Networ Page 59 After being polled, the documents stored in the memory will be erased automatically. Id Timeout Setting Press the Fax key. When E-mail Transmission Fails Setting Up The Completion Notice Refer to Setting Original Quality see page Password Transmission To utilize the password-protected panasonic dp c213 feature, follow the steps below: Email would be transmitted to an Email Address destination, while normal fax documents panasonic dp c213 be transmitted to a fax destination.

Received ID of the fax.

Using for Program Dialing You can set communication sequences, or destinations which you often panasonic dp c213. See page SMTP Authentication Since the Internet debuted as an electronic infrastructure of global dimensions, the communications equipment market has been growing at a phenomenal rate.

Relay Xmt fax Parameter Verifying Communication Status To verify the communication status, follow the steps below: Panasonic dp c213 must program a password 4-digit in advance.

Fax Forwarding Fax Forwarding Panasonic dp c213 feature allows panasoonic incoming faxes to be forwarded to the station registered in the address book. Page 76 Probably you have used for this facility in your organisation.