Sending scanned data to the WebDAV server 2. Using device certificates depending on protocol Symbols are used in this manual to express various types of information. These settings are required if you use the LDAP server for user authentication. Page – For NetWare 5. Key symbols This symbol represents a key name on the control panel, touch panel or the computer screen, or power switch, etc.

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Linking oce variolink 4522c OpenAPI system with this machine 2. Printer Location Enter a scanner location up to 63 characters.

Ethernet Frame Select a frame type to be used. Precision Roller is in no way affiliated, sponsored or endorsed by these copyright owners or their affiliates or dealers This website uses a secure server to encrypt oce variolink 4522c sensitive information.

Oce VarioLink 4522c User Manual

If you have selected “Input directly”, enter the box number. Configure the supplicant settings as required for this machine according to the EAP-Type provided by the au- thentication server. Item Description Network Timeout Enter the timeout of network communication. Oce variolink 4522c using IPsec 2. To print the stamp, configure the stamp variolin preset stamp or registered stampprint position, fine-tune, color, pages, and size settings.

Name Enter the destination name up to 24 characters. Sending scanned data to the FTP server 2. Select one of two procedures: When you click oce variolink 4522c in the download page, the machine starts downloading job log data. If you click [OK] when job log data resides, the download page appears. It is mainly used in UNIX-based operating systems.

Tsi User Box Registration 2.

Sending scanned data to the user’s E-mail address Scan to Me 2. Page Beyond the Ordinary Printing for Professionals Page Reader’s comment vadiolink Reader’s comment sheet Questions Have oce variolink 4522c found this manual to be accurate?

File Path Enter the destination file path up to 96 characters.

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Reference When you permit users to register addresses, the users can register or change addresses in the user mode as well. This function is available when the user’s Home folder position is registered after user authentication has been performed with Active Oce variolink 4522c. E-mail Varkolink Sending scanned data by E-mail 2.

Restricting users of this oce variolink 4522c Windows domain or workgroup 2.

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Conventions oce variolink 4522c in this manual Conventions used in this manual 1. When you register a user with this machine, add the user to a reference allowed group. Reporting the status of this machine by Variolinm 2. Because the IPP printing allows the print data to be transferred to a network printer using HTTP protocol, you can also output the oce variolink 4522c to a remote printer via oce variolink 4522c Internet.

Filtering IP addresses 2. Output Time Settings When you set the output timing of activity reports to “Daily” You can specify both IP addresses that are allowed to access this machine and IP addresses that are not allowed to access this machine.

Conventions used in this manual Reference This symbol indicates a reference. If Samba is installed, data can be transmitted to a computer that is equipped with a non-Windows OS. Sending scanned data to a computer on network 2. Please return this sheet to: Reporting the vzriolink of this machine TRAP 2.

This prevents a third person from handling the system without the user’s permission if the user leaves the seat while displaying the setting page.

You can also configure custom items for oce variolink 4522c registered application. You cannot log in to Active Directory if the system time of this machine and Active Directory is extremely different. Required port Default setting: If a user password containing less than eight characters has already been registered, change the password so that it contains eight characters before enabling “Password Rules”.

Host Address Enter the host address of the server using the application up to 15 characters. Using device certificates depending on protocol Line This oce variolink 4522c is available when two optional fax kit FK are installed.

If an attempt is made to copy a document with a copy oce variolink 4522c printed, a warning message is displayed to disable copying. You variolin, register or delete a stamp image in this machine. These settings are required before using this machine via the network. The process is cancelled by a device reset. In addition, when you add a destination to the address book, grant oce variolink 4522c access permission only to the reference allowed group you add the user to.