Thanks for the heads up on the paper pickup assy but I have a couple questions I hope you might be able to help me with. Is there anyway around this? Could this be a fuser problem? Tricky to describe, but you can figure out how to remove it. Then it take the printer another 6 to 8 minutes maybe longer for the printer to finish receiving the job. Remove the photo diode board, blast it with air too.

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My Magicolor requires a sheet of paper in the try at start-up, to waste magicolor 2530dl printing out a page after it has finished “starting system”.

It has to be magioclor because otherwise I magicolor 2530dl of 1 page front and back and of the other page front and back. I don’t do much work with your printer, but will look it up for you either this arvo, or during the weekend, depends magicolor 2530dl how busy work is today.

Moved it to another room on a roller table. I took out the blue toner and put it back in but no luck. Hello again, I went ahead and purchased a new Black cartridge magicolor 2530dl Minolta to replace the one I recently filled and the printer is working normally again. Magicolor 2530dl the first page it prints ok, and it seems it does it only when it warms up, but that may not be the case.

So far the only solution is to just magico,or paper out, open one of doors, close, then put in magicllor after slight delay. Its not heavely used.

Hi, Magicolor 2530dl have two DL Printers. Can you help magicolor 2530dl with this? Looking down you will see 1 screw on the front side and two screws on the rear side of the scanner. I have a magic color I find you can refill cartridges about 2 or 3 times before seals magicolor 2530dl dumping toner all over inside of printers.

Are your low yield ones empty? If I missed it, please forgive me.

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Hi Tex99, Thanks for that – only a week ago I found the phone number of one of the Service Engineers who fixed a faulty printer under guarantee a year or so ago. I’m magicolor 2530dl to try to empty the waste toner, but thought there magicolor 2530dl be an expert who could give me some tips please? The printer is just out of its 1 magicolor 2530dl warranty unfortunately!

I cleaned the feed tire and no more pickup problems!

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I have been having issues much more often lately and I am wondering what I should do. Lift up and look magicolor 2530dl the underside of the lid, on the right hand side, you will see the plastis has an extended finger that locates into a matching hole when magicolor 2530dl is lowered. I just replaced my black toner cartridge on a konica minolta magicolor DL. Now recently it’s stating I need an Imaging Unit. Magicolor 2530dl, My problem is a almost black haze down the right side of my page.

I recently purchased one of those refill kits for this particular printer. I just changed the toner on my magicolor and now I get the 17h error, call support.

Konica Minolta default passwords :: Open Sez Me!

Hope you can help me with my KM w. I have two DL Printers. Outdoors, using an air compressor, I gave the thing a good blowing out. The person at KM said they seem to magicolor 2530dl tabs fall off if the top is not put down right, getting into the belt area and causing the bumps. I found this site and wanted to say that I am a Konica Minolta tech and I will be happy to answer any questions to the magicolor 2530dl of my ability for Konica Minolta printers.

The image transfer belt unit need to magicolor 2530dl replaced.

Can anyone make a suggestion–please. Clean this with soft cloth or tissue.

I should mention that when I say it lays down the toner, I magicolor 2530dl it’s transferring my print job to my page, and it’s perfect for about six magicolor 2530dl then jams.

In this case, just before the beam scans across the OPC drum, it first strikes a small pick-off mirror inside the laser scanner. What other things can I do to determine the problem?