Plug and Play Requirements A network connection with no more than 30 devices The network cannot be part of domain. Select the current Wi-Fi indicator light status and then click Continue. HO for print queue-based driver installation. Please enter the email address you would like to send a copy of this page to. Set the language , if needed.

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The Laser printer or MFP installation may slightly vary from the installation shown below; i.

How to Download Lexmark Printer Installation Software |

Change the printer name if preferred. Type a printer name is displayed. Bidi Support – Lexmark printer installation status monitor is installed by default. Start the installer package or the installation CD by double-clicking on it.

How to Download Lexmark Printer Installation Software

Neighboring AP may be closer to your workstation and printer than your AP. Obtain the printer’s IP address or hostname. Windows Update requires an active Internet connection, so: As new drivers become available, Windows Updates will ensure that you are using the latest installaation driver.

Click here for other types of printer installation. Please lexmark printer installation from near the computer and printer in case the technician on the phone asks you to perform a task on this device.

Set the languageif needed. If you misplaced the CD or lexmark printer installation your printer didn’t come with one, you can still download the installation software from the Lexmark website. Access Devices and Printers.

Updating an existing driver HO for push-pull driver installation. Low or unstable connectivity with the AP. Updating an existing driver See next step. The Registration screen appears insallation.

Lexmark Printer Home

No Image 4 Welcome Lastly, you lexmark printer installation see this screen again. Select Add a local printer or network printer with manual settingsand then click Next. You want Windows to select a driver for you Leave the checkmark.

Accessed 01 June You will be asked whether or not lexmark printer installation want share the printer with other users. The printer is not detected by the insttallation system when attached via USB or network cable See A dd Printer: A green light would suggest that this printer is already configured and is communicating with some access point. Perform the following unpacking and printer preparation steps, clicking Continue after each step performed: Once complete, select Lexmark from the Manufacturers list and select your Lexmark printer installation driver from the Printers list.

You will see the message Windows is updating the list of printers.

Click on Windows Update. Manual Install — Run Windows Update below.

You can delete the existing printer object after the newest driver has been installed. Searching for Wireless Networks now appears. Image 1 Image 2.