If both are unavailable, you see a broken line connected to the preferred device. This MSI 1 package allows you to provide deployment customization using command-line options. Deploy either the executable or the MSI package directly to the client computer. The local video window shows your live video while you are on a call. Quality of Service is properly configured on your network to provide prioritized treatment of the audio and video streams.

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Cisco Unified Video Advantage Release Notes – Cisco

Limited support includes cisco cuva camera recognition issues, where the camera is not properly recognized by the Cisco Unified Video Advantage application. CUVA does not detect ciscco after extended cisco cuva. Local and Remote Views. Cisco IP Communicator documentation: Cisco Unified Video Advantage features the latest technology and advancements available with true IP communications today.

Regular – Forces larger resolutions.

cisco cuva For details about specific phone models and firmware releases, see the release notes cisco cuva the phone cisvo you are using:. During the update, each installer uninstalls the previous version of the application or the camera drivers. For details about customizing video codecs, see the installation and troubleshooting guide:. Note Cisco VT Camera III does not require any separate driver installation because it uses the camera drivers in your operating system.

Installation and Troubleshooting Guide for Cisco Unified Video Advantage Release 2.0

Video formats up to 30 frames per second: Got a Small Business? Disable resolution whitelisting using restrictive mode.

No video being cjva on CUVA. See Installation Notes for details about downloading the cisco cuva. Because defect status continually changes, be aware that the tables reflects a snapshot of the defects that were open at the time this report was compiled. Note On the download site, the installer packages are offered as a single Zip file, which contain cico the files required to deploy the application and the Cisco cuva VT Camera II drivers.

Cisco Unified Video Advantage

Enterprises can take advantage of their existing IP cisco cuva and desktop phones to extend video calling cusco everyone in their organization Cisco cuva Unified Video Advantage delivers: If the phone you are using does not appear in the supported list, see the release notes for the phone. When you choose a preferred device, the button cisco cuva the console window appears to be pressed but it might be grayed outand you see a solid line trying to connect first to the preferred device.

You will see the caller cissco this window. Failures occur under cixco unusual circumstances, but operation essentially recovers without intervention. The local video window shows your live video while you are on ciscoo call. Problems in CUVA when bandwidth limited. If this occurs, click cancelunplug the camera, cisco cuva wait until after installation is complete to plug in the camera.

Some features might not work as documented, and some features could be affected cisco cuva recent changes to the product. Logging is not automatically set when you use the MSI package. Was this Document Helpful?

Install the Cisco Unified Video Advantage software. The software download site does not contain device drivers for third-party video cameras. A software deployment tool can cisco cuva elevate privileges for installation purposes.

You install the camera drivers and the application as separate tasks. If port ranges are configured, Cisco Unified Video Advantage will use any ports in that range. Cisco Unified Video Cisco cuva uses standard processes for obtaining the camera input from the operating system.

Note Depending on cisco cuva options selected in the Deployment Tool, you might or clsco not need to follow steps 2 – 4 below.